The tailor-made comedy-programme
about your city, community or region.

It's all about:

  • specific characteristics of your area

  • current themes and regional projects, local societies & organisations...

  • the community's 'teamplayers' (mayor, priest, regional bank manager, celebrities, extraordinay people, ...)

Various parodies and alter egos enthuse young and old and
build a bridge to all educational classes and interests.

  • Uncle Fränk from Canada presents his vision for the region.

  • André Bright regards the transcendent fantasy of local societies.

  • Soccer-Trainer Otto Maximale presents the team-player of the community in a compelling team-analysis.

  • Dr. Dr. Cognatius Rath, is the prototyp of a scatterbrained scientist. He knows the regional formula for success.

  • The news broadcast "Fjutscha Njuus" informs about the wherebouts of your region from 20 years ahead.

The regional map as a masterpiece of literature.

Soccer-analysis of the regional team-players.

What kind of work can you buy in a workshop?

The television broadcast "Fjutscha Njuus" shows a foresight.

Schurli Bazooka sings the mayor-boogie.

Dr. Dr. Cognatius Rath has the mathema-Tic.

Troop movement and sports with Wehrmann Hermann.

The recruits of Wehrmann Hermann seem to have fun.

Imo Trojan alias Franz Estragon Bartlhuber knows how to play the guitar.

Language course: "That's nice." - "Das ist etwas Neues."

'Among us' is also of high educational value and one can complete his M.A. in Laughterology.

  • Brofesor Brohasga teaches 'Lengweedges'. His lessons give us a better understanding of foreign languages and 'the little kiffers bidween dem'.

  • André Bright arrouses firework of laughter regarding play on words. The subject he teaches is geography.

  • Training supervisor, Wehrmann Hermann, is fond of his recruits and wants to make them fit for the world outside the barracks.