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The Hinhackl at Grandpa Wilfried

After the unveiling interview of Meghan and Harry with Oprah Winfrey, the organic farmer Hinhackl is now for an exclusive interview with Grandpa Wilfried and speaks for the first time about his mother-in-law and his golden cage at the farm.

Especially in times like these one needs a few minutes off.  I would like to give you this little break with these clips and wish you a lot of fun watching them.


All the best and stay healthy!

Yours, Oliver Hochkofler

Clip 8: Austrians Wild West: Virol!

Clip 6: Mother's Day

Clip 4: Physical education at home and English for high school graduates

Clip 3: Sport meets folklore and mathematics

Clip 1: Cordoba meets Corona

Clip 7: Lengwitch kours

Clip 5: Hinhackl about protective masks and his fly screen

Styria today, report on March 22nd 2020

Clip 2: Schwarzenegger, Heller and Stronach about Corona

The latest comedy show by Oliver Hochkofler and Imo Trojan is a homage to our small Republic of Austria country with its great weakness for small strengths.



Song Contest for Austria - contribution from China

The Reformation Comedy offers an entertaining and informative evening about Martin Luther, the protestant church and its members. The Comedy-Show is cheerfully peppered with historical information, set of beliefs and shows the bridge to the present. It was performed more than 60 times throughout Austria on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Evangelical Church in 2017.

Cut-outs from the premiere

Cut-outs from the premiere part 2

'Among us' is a full-length program that rotates about the region in which it is being performed. See some cut-outs from 'Among us in the city of Graz' and the comedy academy.

Cut outs from 'Among us in Graz'.

Brofesor Brohasga teaches foreign languages at the Comedy Academy.

Mathematics with Brofesor Brohasga

The Brohasgaic Theorem

The bright André Bright: 'Africa - Africa'

Dr. Rath has the math tick

Schurli Bazooka and his Original Estragon Senf Tubes

A Company Comedy Show is tailor-made for the customer's company/event and fits perfect for product presentations, customer events, Christmas parties... In German and/or English.


Cut-outs from a Company Comedy about the LionsClub Graz.

Ivica Fussballovic talking about the FC Messner soccer team.

Brofesor Brohasga presents the fan-club chorus for a Messner employee.

Das Äh-Ähm-Schdudio

These comedy clips were produced daily for the World Cup in Austria and Switzerland and broadcasted online by the Styrian newspaper 'Kleine Zeitung'.

Wehrmann Herman's training with players of the Austrian national soccer team.

Dr. Rath about the Species 'Fan'.

Die WochenWuchtl

The 'WochenWuchtl' was broadcasted in 2007 as a cooperation of the two private broadcasters 'Steiermark 1' and 'KT1' and the 'Kleine Zeitung Online'.

On Youtube you will find some videos from back then and a few later spots from the 'WebWuchtl'.

The literary critic 'Rich Ranitzki' reviews the 'Valentine's Day novel'

Mother's Day

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