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I really enjoy working in a wide variety of industries and with a wide variety of people. Grateful for the many positive feedbacks that I keep getting, I would like to share some of them with you.

Unter uns Reaktionen

It's increbible how you captured the "spirit" of our company in just one meeting and packed it into a high-class and absolutely funny comedy program about our enterprise.

Klaus Schierhackl, ASFINAG

Instead of the usual speeches, Oliver Hochkofler almost burst the mood barometer in his comedy program about the office building, employees and politicians.

AEE Villach,

Our colleagues from all over Europe have never heard of a man called 'Herbert Prohaska'. But that's completely negligible concerning that one's company and projects are presented with so much coruscade humor, esprit and ad-libs. Dear Mr. Hochkofler, thank you very much for your contribution.

Mag. Mimitrios Doukas, WISAR Final Conference

The international audience of our company-internal Vetropack meeting were enthused by Oliver Hochkofler's English comedy program. We impressed them notably. I can therefore only highly recommend that any international company engage Oliver Hochkofler as the highlight of their next conference.

MD Johann Reiter, Vetropack Austria

I've never laughed so much about myself!

Gerhard Harkam, Pinkafeld

It was as if you had lived in our community for years and were "one of us". It's amazing how you manage to become real insiders in such a short time.

Mag. Gabi Neubacher, pastor in Attersee

I would not have thought it possible to translate the process of glass fabrication as splendidly into a metaphor of soccer. Colleagues from all over Europe laughed full-throated to the English explanations of Mr. Hochkofler.

Claude Cornaz, CEO of the Vetropack Group

...his formula for success is the play on words instead of rough jokes and high-class entertainment instead of cracks at the expense of others.



I had already experienced it live that Mr. Hochkofler's performance was ingenious. But I would not have thought it possible that his wordplay in English would arouse so much enthusiasm in the audience.

Dr. Georg Müllner, PhD, MMA, Comet Conference

That's awesome! At 2.30 in the morning he tells me 'I will keep that in mind'. And the next day he performes it just as discussed. Sensational!

Managing Director Klaus Wriessnig, Neckermann

I wasn't the only one who went in clueless and came out ecstatic. Your performance is one-of-a-kind. The townsfolk of Kindberger was electrified and amazed with humor.

DI (FH) Peter Sattler, Vzbgm. Kindberg

You can't describe your way of doing cabaret, you have to see it!

Martina Grabner,

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