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The Web/Wuchtl

WochenWuchtl/WebWuchtl went online on April 1, 2016. Every Friday we broadcasted a new comedy clip with Hinhackl and his comedy experts:


Even today you can still find a current clip from time to time. Have a look and be surprised - or simply subscribe the channel.


Hinhackl & Co

Comedy clips for private television, the internet and companies

I particularly enjoy creating comedy clips, like in the years 2006-2008 for the Kleine Zeitung Online.


This was about



The Wäh-Ähm-schdudio 2010 was a joint World Cup watching at the Casino Graz, without beer showers but with live comedy instead of advertising and simultaneous comedy synchronization of the football analyzes by Herbert Prohaska and Co.


The Post-synchronization of scenes from various Hollywood films on a specific topic is also a particular challenge that we were happy to face for the E5 communities, for example.

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