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ThatCabaret "Among Us"is a full-length program that is tailored to the region in which it is being performed,  and provides the audience with the training to learn how to laugh. See here some excerpts from "Unter uns in Graz" and the cabaret academy.

Excerpts from "Unter uns in Graz".

Brofesor Brohasga teaches foreign languages at the Cabaret Academy_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d.

Mathematics with Brofesor Brohasga

The Brohasgaic Theorem -

The bright André with "Africa - Africa"

dr Rath has the math tick

Schurli Bazooka and his Original Tarragon Mustard Tubes

eachcabaretis written for the respective company/event and is ideal for customer events, product presentations, Christmas parties... In German or English.


Excerpts from a company cabaret about the LionsClub Graz.

Brofesor Brohasga presents the fan club chorus for a Messner employee.

Otto Maximale on the FC Messner football team.

Otto'Maximale analyzes the employees of the Harrer company in the form of a soccer team.

Das Äh-Ähm-Schdudio

ThatUh-uh-shdudiowas the daily accompaniment of the World Cup in Austria and Switzerland for all Kleine Zeitung online customers.


dr Rath on the Species Fan.

The rich Ranitzki discusses the bestselling novel "Das Panini-Hefterl".

Wehrmann Herman training with the players of the Austrian national team.

Die WochenWuchtl

Have fun  with some examples of theweekly balance, which was a cooperation project of the two private broadcasters Steiermark 1 and KT1 and the Kleine Zeitung Online in 2007.

Hinhackl's summer heat at the beginning of autumn

The bright André and Hinhackl on Mother's Day

The rich Ranitzki with the Valentine's Day novel

Hinhackl reads the fairy tale "Hannes im misfortune"

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