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The individual cabaret programs
for Raiffeisen banks and their customers.

  • Cabaret on the topic of your choice (construction, financing, provision,...)

  • Individually tailored to your event

  • Appreciative word joke for young and old

  • Your customers will be talking about this for a long time!

Dear Raiffeisen-Employees, Ladies and Gentlemen!

For the past 10 years I have been ascompany cabaret artistfor about90 different Raiffeisen bankstraveling all over Austria and have themed evenings like "Build live", "Inheritance & Inheritance",... accompanied by cabaret.


In addition to the specialist lectures or expert talks, there was also a humorous treatment of the respective topic. Of course, my comedy experts also went into great detail about the local Raiffeisen bank and its employees.


Because humor firmly anchors specific content in people's minds and a fun evening lets your customers think of your bank with a friendly smile for a long time to come.


I would like to show you the possibilities here, as I use minecomedy experts  could also contribute to the success of your customer event.


"I want to laugh with people and not at them!"  is my motto, which is appreciative and with a lotWortwitz unclouded laughing muscle-
training guaranteed.


I would be happy to talk to you personally.



Oliver Hochkofler


Raiffeisen banks, for whom I have already had the pleasure of playing cabaret.


Cabaret themes for Raiffeisen banks

Bauen & Wohnen

Build live

Prominent voices and our own comedy experts on the subject of renovation, new construction, funding and financing.


From André Heller, in whose opinion the true energy indicator is in the head anyway, to Frank Stronach, who is always good for a house construction vision, to Herbert Prohaska, whose fan club "Rheiba vor noh ein Dor" makes people laugh, are themselves All agree:


Raiffeisen has a great formula for success, which the scientist DrDr. Cognatius Rath gets to the point with RA + IB = A².


When Otto Baric then presents Atletico Raiffeisen's construction and housing tactics and the local team, and Schurli Bazooka performs his Raiffeisen hits, then everyone has the answer to the question of whether this also applies to re(h)novations Deer can join found.

Erben & Vererben

Inheritance & Inheritance

One thing is clear: there will always be death, and for many there is something to inherit. However, the framework conditions have changed somewhat in recent times.


Still, our celebs and comedy pundits know, for many families, the will is also "the test of the end," and some cringe when they see the "testator's" legacy.


The fact that things are still fair can be seen from the fact that people always speak of inheritance and not of unfair inheritance.


This is also ensured by the profession to which one turns when there is a need: namely the notary.


Whether all testators drive a Testarossa or whether cleaning staff leave a particularly great care legacy is an open question.


But for Otto Baric it is clear: If "Eintracht Erben-Erben" leads 3:0, i.e. is three goals ahead, there is only one thing, namely the advance legacy. In short: where there is a will, there is a way.

Steuer & Steuerreform

Tax & Tax Reform

Of course, our celebrities and comedy experts are concerned about where we are heading with our taxes.


Are we playing in the tax reform of our lives and are we able to turn the game around? Or do we injure ourselves when the cash register crashes and do we even have to pay sales tax if we formulate cumbersome sentences?


The experts give us precise information about this, namely a tax assessment.


Of course, if someone goes abroad, our deductible amount will be higher. And if we feel a loss as a result, we can exploit that over a number of years.


Nevertheless, one has to ask oneself whether motorists sitting at the wheel have a higher tax burden than others, and one should not better orientate oneself to the Old Testament tax expert Moses, who cited the famous bank statement from Egypt.


In any case, you should look at the success formula of DrDr. Take Cognatius Rath to heart: ST + EU = ER². "Sensational activities and profitable sales equals successful reform squared".



The celebrities and comedy pundits agree: These papers are worth analyzing. James “Bond”, i.e. Johannes Anleihe, sees it that way too.


So that you don't lose out with your investment and the development of interest rates via the ECB, the "extremely circulating ball artists", does not lead to the fact that not only the players from FC Barcelona, but also others, are annoyed about negative real interest rates, our experts have a soccer solution:


The players should take a loan from the shares and always be high in price, and lay down a great performance at the highest level of interest, cost-average-effect-e whatever it may.


Then not only Herbert Prohaska is happy about his "Gäbidl menädschmänt" and Schurli Bazooka sings the "fund expert boogie".


The path from inheritance to financial investment is thus mapped out, and no one has to ask themselves: If precaution comes before worry, what comes after?

Pension & Pensionskonto

Pension & Retirement Account

One or the other got sick when the pension account was first credited and asked themselves: How can you get by with such a low income? It is therefore necessary to make sure that you can jump over the pension gap when you are employed.


It remains to be seen whether Frank Stronach's ideas of throwing the finance minister far away and of the laughing stock of the pension account will prevail.


But Otto Baric knows that you have to reckon with a pension gap in defense and should therefore start the pension gap calculator so that you can sink the ball into the goal or the "multiplier" from a standing position - or from retirement can.


Even if a pension football life is developing more and more into an ice hockey game, with training third, working third and retirement third, and Inter Inflation affects the players, which can also be seen from the CPI, the "Missed Penalty Index", the players should still on Orient 45-65-80 system. Put the pedal to the metal for 45 minutes, make the opponent look as old as 65, and bring home the win with 80% of the energy. The rest runs anyway, that's why we talk about a pension.


In any case, Herbert Prohaska is already looking forward to his “train son”, and André Heller knows that not only golfers have to reckon with deductions when it comes to pensions.

Generalversammlungen u.ä.

General meetings, etc.

Our celebrities and comedy experts not only deal with the topics mentioned above, but can also be used individually for Raiffeisen events.


From general meetings and bank anniversaries to management conferences to employee events and skills workshops, they have an overview, and you shouldn't save on humor during savings days either.


Because there, like there, one can ask oneself:

  • How many rungs does a manager have?

  • If someone tells me a secret while sitting on a park bench, is that automatically a bank secret?

  • And if you make a deposit at midnight, is that a midnight deposit?

  • Or: how many generals does it take to convene a general assembly?


Through an appreciative cabaret, the employees, members and customers experience the topic of the event in a very special way, and the positive image of the Raiffeisen bank is strengthened.  


event flow


Experience has shown that the following procedure works very well, but of course it can also be supplemented with honors,... as desired. Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours.


  • Specialist lecture or expert talk (I am also happy to offer moderation for this)

  • cabaret

  • possibly followed by a buffet


I have already had the pleasure of playing cabaret for the following Raiffeisen banks:

photo gallery


In these last 10 years, of course, countless photos were taken. I dug out a few of them for you.

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