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Oliver Hochkofler and Imo Trojan areVolunteer in evangelical parishes for years. You know all the big strengths and small weaknesses of the Protestant church.


In other words: in 2017 they have the "license to perform cabaret".


Believe something

and how "tick" evangelicals?

Who was Martin Luther actually?

What moved people
early 16th century?

The license to cabaret!


at the price of 17 € + postage


Phone: 0650 355 33 01


at the price of 17 € + postage


Phone: 0650 355 33 01


for around 15 years

Recommendedfrom the Evangelical Superintendent of Styria

(please refercredentials).

Reformation Cabaret

The Reformation Cabaret is aentertaining and informative evening, cheerfully peppered with historical information, beliefs and the bridge to the present.

Everything always appreciative and never below the belt, according to the motto of the cabaret artists:"Humor connects!"


It goes without saying that Luther 2.0-hoch17 is neither an advertisement for the Evangelical Church nor a dig at the Catholic Church. Rather it is oneOpportunity to build bridges between denominations. 

The event is suitable forevangelical congregationsas part of the celebration year "500 years of Reformation", but is also forCatholic or "secular" institutionsas part of a cabaret evening in theaters, folk houses, inns, cultural centers etc. suitable.


The comedy characters and their focal points

excerptsfrom the Grand Prix de la Chanson de la Reformation de l'Eurovision at the preview in Traun in October 2016.


Excerpts from the premiereon November 11th, 2016 in the Evangelische Kreuzkirche in Graz-  Part 2.


Excerpts from the premiereon November 11, 2016 in the Evangelische Kreuzkirche in Graz.


ORF contributionStyria todayon 11/24/2016.


Various comedy characters deal with the topics of the Reformation, Luther and the Protestant Church in an extremely humorous way:

Why are there so many Protestants but so few protest uncles?

In addition to such burning questions of Christianity der Helle André philosophizes about central evangelical concepts such as justification, presbytery and confirmation.

Ima wida deer-before-madiohn!

Brofesor Brohasga will, in his inimitable way, "break a lance for this Protestant". The analyzer of the nation also presents sensational suggestions for fan clubs, such as "Eh when gählisch olé!"

You're great boys and girls, just like Luther back then.

Uncle Frank would like to promote the Reformation even better with a huge ball. At the opening of the building there are then exciting competitions such as "Thesis lifting up to 95 kilograms" or "Superintendent throwing". 

This Luther would be maximum interesting player in
Reformation Cup...

The Austrian-Croatian football trainer legend Otto Maximale devotes himself extensively to Luther's life. "A maximum exciting biography, with many victories and also some defeats!" 

In a kind of team analysis he also goes into some evangelical people of the respective venue: pastor, curator, sexton, organist, superintendent of the diocese ...

Guide Lech Redstuski...

The Polish travel guide Lech Redstuski presents important utensils of the Reformation in words and pictures - such as hammers, nails or the 95 theses themselves.


Although: "It's all just a copy". Let yourself be surprised where the respective originals are located!

"Hello, is this the rectory? I have a question..."

The lovable organic farmer Hinhackl doesn't mince his words at the Reformation cabaret either.


In a telephone conversation with the local parish office, he obtains detailed information about the evangelical church. Some of what he finds out there astonishes him.

"Today is about the star author of the Renaissance, Martin Luther."

The literature expert Konrad Kapitelkneisser is impressed by Martin Luther. After all, he translated the Bible - and in doing so laid the foundation for a common German language.


Kapitelkneisser is particularly fascinated by dictums that Martin Luther created, such as “shut up” or “one heart and one soul”.

Music with "Schurli Bazooka and his Original Tarragon Senftubes"

Music played a major role in the Reformation and in spreading the evangelical faith. The world (un)known duo "Schurli Bazooka and his Original Tarragon Senftubes" cannot avoid following in Luther's footsteps and performing one or the other song.

Saxony current - news from the year 1517

The "cutting-edge" news broadcast of November 1, 1517, i.e. the day after Luther posted his theses. Dieses broadcast takes us straight into the world of the Renaissance.

In addition to the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the discovery of America in 1492, the threatening advance of the Ottoman army is also worth a headline.

Reformation Quiz

Here your knowledge about the Reformation can be put to the test.


A question to get you in the mood: What do the letters "AB" after "Evangelical Church" stand for? Most would probably say “everything is fine”!

Reformation Song Contest

At the "Grand Prix de la Reformation", representatives from a wide variety of nations present their contributions to the year of the Reformation. From the Greeks to the Spaniards and Russians to the cowboys from the USA, every nation is represented with a song typical of the country.

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